Adventure On

Ok, people, we are transitioning into fall!! For us Californians, that mostly means that we are shifting our colors to a more muted, darker palette. :)


Ok, here we go!! Sunglasses: Ray Bans. T Shirt: The Grove ( a boutique in Claremont!). Bracelet: Canned Goods (Each piece sold donates a can of food to those in need!). Shorts: Urban Outfitters (sale--whaaaat?!). 


And because I'm not really into dark colors, I had to add my mermaid hair!! Did you know you can achieve a similar look with acrylic chalk? Just wet the chalk and paint your hair! It lasts for a few days, especially on blonde hair. To get this look, go for a gradient green to blue!


AAAAND have a great almost-fall weekend!!! 


MON-day Video: Exaggerate!

You guys, I have the MOST GIGANTIC problem in the world: I exaggerate EVERYTHING. Every little encounter becomes a novella! Every tiny embarrassment becomes the event of the ages. Geesh. But, the problem with exaggerating the negative stuff in our lives is failing to see the greatness of the gifts and the moments we've been given! If this resonates, give it a share!


Fashion Friday: Transitional Fall Boho

It's still a bazillion degrees outside, but my heart is SO ready for fall!! 


So, with a rustic-chic top from Target (holla!), and a long skirt from Forever 21, I'm I'm able to imagine a change in the season without dying of heat! But, who could resist a pop of color with these Target (once again!) wedges?!


And, of course, some mermaid hair to tie in with the skirt, and a Canned Goods bracelet, because it's not only adorable, but donates a can of food to those in need with each purchase! 


What are your transitional fall outfits? Rock them this weekend! Enjoy!


BoHo Baby

Hooray, it's Friday!!


Definitely trying to escape the summer heat with a little lightning bolt necklace and a jean vest!


Or, for a funkier vibe, switch out the dainty lightning bolt for a chunky statement piece.


This dress is from Target! (Target, how I love thee!)


Don't forget to belt it to create that hourglass shape.




Happy Friday, friends! When you get home from vacation and brother goes to college, sometimes there's nothing to do but dress up like a mermaid.  


Can I get a "holla" for these blue hair extensions?! So thankful I got to keep them after working on "Hello, My Name is Doris!" 


And hurrah for this mermaid skirt from Francesca's! 


Plot Twist Challenge: Get inspired by your favorite fairytale character and channel the look. Because summer is almost over and WHY NOT?! :)

Meteor Shower


Can I be honest?

I’ve been having a tough time finding inspiration to write these past few weeks, which saddens me, because I love writing! I just haven’t known what to say.

Fast forward to now: I am currently in the land of grizzly bears, deer, moose, impressive mountains, and stars. Oh my goodness, the stars. They sparkle and dominate the dark skies since there is little light pollution all the way out here. Stars have always been my favorite everyday miracle, even though they’re a little more difficult to see back where I live. 

But last night, Dad said there was going to be a meteor shower. With no further questions, I stepped into my shoes and headed for the car with both parents. (Little Brother was overcoming jet lag.) We drove past any flickering lights, any streetlamp or lit up sign. We were determined to find solitude and absolute darkness. And we did! 

We huddled in blankets next to the car and craned our necks up to the velvet sky and tried not to blink, too afraid we might miss the moment. I kept circling myself, rotating to try to catch every and any angle of the sky. Mid-rotation, my dad exclaimed with true wonder, “WHOA!!!” 

I had missed it. Determined not to miss any other cosmic streak, I circled faster, but I missed the next one, too! How was that possible? 

Dad put his hands on my shoulders and directed me to stop and simply stare at the place he had seen both meteors. To be honest, it felt a little silly just expecting to wait to see this miracle, instead of circling the skies, begging to be in the right place at the right time. 

But there it was. A fiery, blazing diamond the size of a baseball danced across the sky. It was fast, it was fleeting. But I’ll never be able to forget this image- the meteor ablaze pulling its long tail behind it to paint the night sky. It was breathtaking. 

While I’ve been here, I’ve felt the need to challenge myself to be extra-present. At home, I feel like I’m always running, always chasing my goals, dreams, aspirations, and adventures, which I love! But, I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately. I knew I needed to somehow convince myself to slow down and take in the beauty around me. But when the constant noise around you is competing for your attention,

it’s difficult to sift through what deserves your undivided focus, and what doesn’t. 

I’ve challenged myself to barely look at my phone. I try to do that in general, but I kicked it up a notch on this trip. I tried to always leave my phone in the car. When we go on long drives, I don’t allow myself to scroll through Instagram. I look out the window. When conversations are slow, I try to suggest activities or new topics. 

Just like the meteor, I didn’t want to miss it. “It” being truth, beauty, family, rest; and yes, inspiration. At home, I constantly revolve, trying not to miss anything, but to catch everything. And that’s impossible. That’s why I’ve been missing “it.”

This meteor shower taught me about inspiration. Sometimes you have to stand still. You have to remove yourself from the noise (the good and the bad!) and be still. And watch. 

 Because, inspiration- it's breathing. It's taking a moment to notice the miracle taking place in your chest each moment. It's letting creativity take root. When we pay attention, it's as easy as breathing.

It’s just what you want it to be. 

Sometimes, I’m guilty of waiting for cataclysmic events to shape my stories, to drive my fingers to the keyboard. But in reality, it’s the little things I love to write about. But I’ll never see them if I’m not truly present. 

I invite you, dear friend, to challenge yourself to a new level of presence today, however that looks for you: staying longer at church, turning off the TV earlier, calling someone, spending more time with your family.

Let your real life be your inspiration.  

Groovy Ice Cream

Happy Fashion Friday from Wyoming!


Let's start with shoes: these booties extend the line of our legs to make us look oh so long and pretty!


And this is DEFINITELY a twirl-worthy dress. How adorable is the ice cream print?!


And, of course, get that classic Plot Twist vibe with quirky accessories, like these Canned Goods earrings (each pair purchased donates a can of food to those in need--score!), my 90's tattoo necklace, zany hair buns, and poppin' pink lipstick. PHEW! How are you keeping it quirky this weekend? Let me know!

xoxo, Ren

The Gladest Gladiator

Happy Fashion Friday, loves!


I'm definitely feeling a little gladiator-y in this look.


Since the top of this romper (from Target!) is so simple, it was a cue to add a giant, chunky necklace. 


My #1 Fashion Rule: Always, always, always, cinch the waist. It is the quickest way to a flattering outfit!


Do you have your gladiator sandals yet? These are Fergalicious. And, so comfy! 

Have an awesome weekend, friends!

Something Old, Something New

Yay, it's Fashion Friday!


This week, we're featuring something old and something new.


This top is from Target! I always get so excited to find cute pieces at pretty darn great prices!


This top wasn't flattering on my body type because it didn't have a waist, so I tied the shirt up in the back to create one!


And how happy are these daisy, high waisted mint shorts? They were a bit big in the waist, so I safety-pinned them. The quickest way to a flattering outfit is to make sure it fits. And if it doesn't, make it work! ;)

Have a great weekend, loves!

Vintage Beach Babe

Happy Friday, loves! 


Whose ready to beat the heat with a vintage twist? 


How fun are these seaside wedges? I love the contrast between the coral red and the bright turquoise. 


Keeping the accessories mostly vintage with this pearl pendant necklace and anthropologie bracelet. But for a little plot twist: this turquoise stone bangle!


These pinstriped shorts make me think of the bathing tents people used to use to change at the beach, back when modest was "hottest."  

Have a great weekend! xoxo

Why We Have to Try New Things that Terrify Us

Yesterday, an adventurous friend and I went to Mount Baldy. As my athleticism is a topic for discussion, (AKA, I’m not very graceful, nor strong. But I can sure act! ;) It was our intention to hike around a bit, and take in the beauty at the bottom of the mountain; a basic hiker and nature-appreciator’s dream. However, since my friend is a crazy-intense mountaineer, perhaps I should have deduced that “hiking around” would not actually be on the agenda. 

After taking in the beautiful, fresh smell of pine and enjoying a few birds’ symphonies, we came upon a magnificent waterfall. Its rushing sound emboldened me to suggest that we climb a bit further. 

Soon, the road below disappeared, and lush greenery began to envelop us. We passed friendly hikers and stopped to share stories. It was so lovely, in fact, that we kept going. And when my muscles were informing me that they were about ready to turn around and head downhill, my friend mentioned that a ski lodge was just up the way. And because we were already so close, I figured, “Why turn back now?” 

To my excitement and relief, we made it to the ski lodge. Red flowers danced and blue jays sang. We joined a pack of real climbers, all discussing equipment and the perfect climbing conditions and crazy experiences they’ve had in the wild. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel accomplished and proud to be among these serious, dedicated athletes! 

Why We Have to Try New Things that Terrify Us, Reason #1: We are introduced to new worlds. 

I glanced up at the top of the mountain. I blinked, and realized how very close it seemed! (Key word: “seemed.”) Casually and with a definitively uncommitted tone, I asked my friend how far away we were from the summit. 

As this was his 15th journey up THIS mountain, he had no trouble describing the way we would take to reach it, and concluded, “We’re halfway there.” 

Halfway?! My mind screeched. With the newfound energy of my favorite Cliff Bar, the chatter of the serious climbers, the beauty of the day, the excellent company of my companion, and the notion that to throw away my hard work thus far was ludicrous, I nonchalantly suggested, “Let’s go a bit further.” My friend’s eyes lit up! And we were off, and back up the mountain. (I do mean an ACTUAL MOUNTAIN.) 

Our next section of the climb was lovely. We passed through luscious trees and unique plants and 100 year old logs. I’ll admit it. I was smug. I thought we’d already accomplished the most difficult portion of the climb. (Cue Miley Cyrus’s awesome song.) But then, we faced a gnarly incline that seemed vertical. Not only did it seem vertical, but it also seemed to be laughing in my face! (Those pesky mountains.) 

Finally, after I hauled myself up that steep section (he skipped), we reached a serene moment of rest. The ridge at the top seemed to be just ahead! “How much further to the top?” I asked again, feeling like a broken record, similar to “Are we there yet?!” He smiled and answered that the next bit would be flat, and then a final difficult, but short, push to the top. 

My muscles ached, complaining that I wasn’t built for this uphill madness. But I looked up. The very top was so, so close now! How could I turn back?

Why We Have to Try New Things that Terrify Us, Reason #2: We exit our comfort zones. 

We pressed on. This next section, to my dismay, was not flat. Oh no. It was definitely another incline! And now, it was difficult to tune out the vicious roars and insults my muscles were hurling at me, but tune them out I must, as this portion was very steep, rocky, and the trails were no longer clearly traveled. I needed total focus. 

“I can’t do this,” became the theme song playing in my head. But I wanted to be able to. I wanted to prove myself wrong. I wanted to continue even though my entire body violently disagreed. This wasn’t my strength at all! I found myself wishing I could act, sing, or write my way to the top of the mountain. 

Why We Have to Try New Things that Terrify Us, Reason #3: We learn perseverance. 

And as I was now completely exhausted and discouraged, we reached what my friend called, “the final push.” I could see it now. The finish was in sight! And if it was in sight, there was no way I would turn back! Yet, every step felt like torture. Though in complete agony, my legs achieved a sort of numb acceptance. I was climbing until I reached the end. My muscles could complain all they wanted, but they would be overruled. 

And then: beauty! Rapture! Joy! I lugged myself over the last step of incline to the precious, delightful flat ground of the top of Mount Baldy! 

Why We Have to Try New Things that Terrify Us, Reason #4: We surprise ourselves.

And suddenly, I had a burst of energy! I couldn’t help jumping up and down! I had never even imagined I would attempt, let alone succeed, at a feat like this. It wasn’t in my plan. But, thanks to the encouragement of my friend, and an insatiable curiosity, and drive to achieve something new, there we stood. 

The view was breathtaking. Every other hike I’ve taken, I never reached the top. The immense beauty here was a 360 degree view of mountains and valleys and desert and cities. The blues and purples skated across the sky. And I knew there was no place else I’d rather be. 

Why We Have to Try New Things that Terrify Us, Reason #5: It increases the likelihood that we will try other new things.

The entire way down, I couldn’t help but chirp how proud I was of this unlikely accomplishment! And I couldn’t help imagining coming back and trying this climb again… or attempting others! 

I learned something immeasurably valuable yesterday: I can climb mountains; literally, as well as figuratively. When something difficult at work or my career arises, I will surely remember the beautiful, sometimes agonizing perseverance it took to overcome that mountain. And then, I will remember the sweet rush of victory

So, go on. Try something new this week! Be sure to take a guide who knows what he’s doing to encourage you and show you the ropes.

And then surprise yourself. Test your limits. Overcome. And grow.