Fashion Friday: Day 1 of #12pieceschallenge

Happy Fashion Friday, loves!! The Glamoutfit App dared me to complete the 12 pieces challenge where you use 12 pieces to create 7 complete outfits! It was SO much fun!!  

Here is look #1: 


I used piece #1: long sleeve Express top

#2: electric blue Express skirt

#3: Target blanket scarf

#4:  Target funky black heels 


The blanket scarf and shoes make it all fancy! 


Ba BOOM! We're ready for a night out!!

Think you could tackle the 12 piece challenge? Just use #12pieceschallenge on Instagram!! And have fun!

Wishing for winter Weather

You guys, fall and winter are my favorite fashion seasons and I am waiting for them to happen here in sunny California!!! 


This pretty, girly Forever 21 dress needed a Plot Twist, stat!  


So, I paired it with my chunkiest boots (Baker's,) a denim vest (delia's), and an olive green choker! 


Here's hoping it gets chilly soon... :) 

Happy Friday, loves!! Xoxo  

50's Feminist

Happy last Fashion Friday before Halloween! 


Here is my 50's feminist look-- as long as feminism means total equality and getting to choose what the heck to wear and having the same rights 🤘🏼🙌🏻👯 


This dress is from Roadkill Ranch! The apron is Jillie Willie's.  


Add a pair of Mary Jane's for a classic touch! 


To create this hairstyle,  

1. Curl forward with a 1 inch curling iron.  

2. Tease from the bottom of the hair.  

3. Pin back one side!  



Alice in Wonderland

Hey loves! This Fashion Friday, we're channeling some Alice vibes for Halloween! 


This awesome dress is from Hot Topic! I love that it's versatile enough to wear all year, but character-y enough to pass as a costume! 


Of course, Alice needs a headband and a choker... 


And viola!! PS- how awesome is the back of this dress?! 🙌🏻🙌🏻  

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MON-day Video: 50th MON-day Celebration!

You guys!! I absolutely CANNOT BELIEVE it's been a year of creating MON-day videos! Looking back gets me all fuzzy inside. I've learned tons, grown leaps and bounds, and found out more about what I'm made of. So, please JOIN ME for a celebration!! PLUS, this celebration has giveaways (AHEM--$50!) All you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel! To enter more times, tag a friend in a vid, share your favorite vid, OR make your own MON-day video!! 

Once again, THANK YOU. Thank you for being here. Thanks for letting me share a bit of your week. It's an honor and a joy! 

Make today YOUR day!


Sweater Weather

It's the second best day of the week!! (I'm a little biased toward MON-days! Speaking of, have you heard about the GIVEAWAY?!?! Check out the video in the post below for the easiest instructions EVER! :)  


Since it's nearing Halloween, my outfits this month are tending to be inspired by characters or people I admire! Today's look: Audrey Hepburn! I am such a fan of hers! 


This comfy sweater is from Express. Underneath is a tube from H&M for a little plot twist.  

One of the things Audrey was known for was her long neck, so I had to pop the choker in there, along with a Giving Key for opposition.  


And, finally, she wore those high-waisted capris (H&M), and flats.  

Challenge: let your outfit be inspired by a character today!! 

Happy Friday!


Something Old, Something New

Happy Friday, loves!!


This is one of my favorite necklaces for two reasons: 1) it's big and chunky, And immediately transforms any plain tee! 2) it's from 31 bits, so the purchase of this necklace gave a woman a chance at rehabilitation and supporting herself and her family! BOOM! 


I nabbed this skirt last season at Ann Taylor Loft. That isn't normally a store that calls my name, but I learned an important lesson: awesome pieces can come from ANYWHERE: high-end stores, thrift stores, Grandma's closet, cheap-stores, and stores targeting more mature women ;). And, in reverse, I've learned that even if a piece comes from a store that I absolutely LOVE, it doesn't always make it flattering or right for my style. Fashion is about being about to recognize YOU in any style or piece that makes you feel bold, confident, silly, or WHATEVER you're needing in the situation! 


I love, love, LOVE these Target peep-toe boots! You can buy them RIGHT NOW! I adore the fringe on the sides! And, the top is Express. I love the plot twist of the sleeves!!


You are bold and courageous. Have a great weekend!

MON-day Video: Fearless

Here's the thing: I'm teaching this acting class for little kids (they're the BEST!), and guess what?! Already, some of them are FEARLESS, and some of them are FEARFUL. Already! They're so young, so I can't help but wonder who made them afraid? And, who is still making us afraid? We have to watch out for those people, and make sure to en-courage others, as in, filling others with courage.