November: The Act of Thankfulness

For all of my fellow grammar geeks out there, I am aware that “thankfulness” is a noun, and as such, cannot be an “act” because it is not a verb.

Thank you for your concern! In fact, we are in the same boat. Thankfulness is indeed, not a verb.

But what if it was?

What if one could not experience thankfulness without doing a thankful act in return?

What if thankfulness was not just a reaction, but a catalyst into action?

In 25 days we will all sit around a table and gush about the the warmth of the sourdough rolls and the chill of the Nana's cranberry jello and the dryness of the stuffing and the football game. I am so looking forward to this (Except for the football part)!

And perhaps just before we convince ourselves that we did save room for a small (ish) slice of pumpkin pie, we will pause, fork in hand, to share about what we are most grateful for.

What a beautiful tradition! It is my favorite part about this upcoming holiday.

And so I had this crazy idea: What if we prepared for that question this month?

I’m not talking about quitting school and joining the Peace Corp or quitting your job and jumping on a plane bound for Ethiopia.

I’m not trying to pile anything else on your already overflowing plate.

What if we tried a really small thing every day? One that would take five minutes, tops?

I’m brainstorming some ideas, and I’d love for you to join me.

Leave your idea about how to be a catalyst for thankfulness in the comments!