Thankful For What's Now.


Thankful for now.

Who has time?

From the alarm assaulting our ears and ripping us from our sweet dreams to the traffic on the 101 or the 405 (insert your commute here) and the news claiming the apocalypse for human depravity and picking up the slack of your lazy co-worker and yet another college to apply to and a death in the family, or, on a global level, after such a devastating week of terrors taking place in Kenya, Syria, and Paris (only to name a few), who has time for thankfulness?

I would argue, who doesn’t have time for thankfulness?

With all of the darkness and rush of reality crashing and clanging and clamoring for our attention, we need thankfulness to stay truly alive, but not "alive" in the “I have a pulse” way. 

Alive in the “my eyes are open and the wind is tickling my nose and the grass under my feet is crisply crunching as it begins to thaw and my favorite song came on the radio and I have three dollars for a cup of coffee and I’m not dead yet” kind of way.

We must be thankful in our situation.

We must be thankful despite our situation.

This is true rebellion.

In a world that accurately screams, “injustice and corruption," be the voice calling out “Thankful and grateful.”

Now that’s straight-up defiance and non-conformity. 

That’s hardcore.

To look beyond the desecration this world offers in droves and to see instead the case for thankfulness is to be truly revolutionary.

It’s infectious.

Look around you. Take a deep breath. Do you feel that? Your heart is pumping inspiration- both the breathing and creative definitions. It means you have more. More time, more creativity, more purpose.

Dare to be thankful in a thankless world.

Dare to be thankful for small things, such as a coffee cup refilled, or a driver in the next lane who actually let you merge when you needed to. Thankful for your tribe, who support you and your dreams, day in and day out. Thankful to those who are caring for the least of these.

 Thankful. Regardless of your circumstances. In the midst of your circumstances. Perhaps, even more so in the light of the tragic circumstances of this week.

Yes, thankful.