Thankful For What's To Come.


Anticipation. Hope. Vision. Faith.

These four beautiful words carry the dichotomous friction of wresting with the present and the future. You cannot anticipate something that has already happened. You cannot hope for something that has already arrived. You cannot cast a vision for something that already exists. You cannot have faith in something you can hold safely in your hands.

For these four words alone, we can settle into thankfulness for the future.

These four words color the bleakness of now with the bright saturation of what could be—what will be.

In moments of unbearable pain, anticipation, hope, vision, and faith have the power to pull us through. And without right here, right now, those words have no meaning.

We can be thankful for what’s to come when we sow every possible seed into each day, each moment. We can rest peacefully knowing our work has not been in vain. That each thing we pour ourselves into will grow and flourish. The gratifying, resounding pull of purpose ushers us forward as we join something far bigger, far greater than we are. Each moment of momentum turns us into who we can be, and grants us the gift of another go of what we can do.

Isn’t that beautiful?

Thankfulness for the unpredictable future is a daring decision.

We may choose to live in dread, or we may live in thankfulness.

It’s a way of making friends with destiny, that capricious gypsy. It’s a way of saying, “You’ve dealt me a fascinating set of cards so far, friend: some have been marvelous, some have been malevolent. But I trust that no matter what you’ve chosen to send my way, I can secure strength on my knees and find the grace in it. I will not meet the unknown with fear at my side.”

Isn’t that how we want to live?

With anticipation, hope, vision, and faith.