MON-day Video: 50th MON-day Celebration!

You guys!! I absolutely CANNOT BELIEVE it's been a year of creating MON-day videos! Looking back gets me all fuzzy inside. I've learned tons, grown leaps and bounds, and found out more about what I'm made of. So, please JOIN ME for a celebration!! PLUS, this celebration has giveaways (AHEM--$50!) All you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel! To enter more times, tag a friend in a vid, share your favorite vid, OR make your own MON-day video!! 

Once again, THANK YOU. Thank you for being here. Thanks for letting me share a bit of your week. It's an honor and a joy! 

Make today YOUR day!


MON-day Video: Fearless

Here's the thing: I'm teaching this acting class for little kids (they're the BEST!), and guess what?! Already, some of them are FEARLESS, and some of them are FEARFUL. Already! They're so young, so I can't help but wonder who made them afraid? And, who is still making us afraid? We have to watch out for those people, and make sure to en-courage others, as in, filling others with courage. 


MON-day Video: Exaggerate!

You guys, I have the MOST GIGANTIC problem in the world: I exaggerate EVERYTHING. Every little encounter becomes a novella! Every tiny embarrassment becomes the event of the ages. Geesh. But, the problem with exaggerating the negative stuff in our lives is failing to see the greatness of the gifts and the moments we've been given! If this resonates, give it a share!