Change has a funny way of taking place. 

Sometimes, it blows in like a tornado and wrecks everything you know without warning.

Sometimes, it creeps in slowly, so it takes years to notice that Change was at work. 

And sometimes, Change announces its presence to your bones. You suddenly feel wary, yet thrilled at the beautiful, bright possibility of what’s to come. Your stomach hosts butterflies, and you can’t help feeling that the earth is shaking beneath your feet. As much as you want to reach out and seize what’s coming, you have to fight the instinct to hold onto what you know, and what feels so safe in your hands. 

Change is singing to me now. I know its voice like I know my own. But it’s a little different now. It’s somehow bolder. 

I want to listen to its song. 

I want to discern the lyrics of what’s to come and dance along with the brand new beat of my next season’s theme song. 

But I can’t help keeping my feet planted on the ground

Because what if the magnificent song that Change is singing to me about its plans for my future never happens? What if it remains as illusive and ethereal as music itself? 

It’s almost too much to bear.

So, I don’t dance to the music of Change. I bend my knees and sink into the ground. 

Do you? 

Do you let Change sweep you away in its charming romance, or do you ask it to prove itself first? To deliver you with the outcomes instead of the empty promises and plans? 

If you throw caution to the wind and dive into the sweet music, can you teach me how?

Because I think that my stubbornness is acting as a repellent to Change. 

The most beautiful way to meet Change is to be receptive to it. To greet it with a warm smile and open hands. To say, “Welcome,” and “Come on in,” and “May I take your coat?” 

Because Change comes clanging its beat regardless of whether or not it’s welcome. 

And if we smile and let it do its job, we come away stronger. 

Have you seen “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?” When Harry, Ron, and Hermione must defeat the tasks in order to reach the stone, they must escape “Devil’s Snare:” a giant plant that looks rather like spaghetti. Once the three made contact with the plant, it immediately began to trap them in its tentacles and drag them down like quick sand. The Devil’s Snare sensed their fear, and began to attack. But Hermione remembered that in order to pass peacefully through, one need only relax, and the Devil’s Snare would set you free

I think Change and Devil’s Snare have much in common

The harder we resist Change, the more violent it becomes in its dealings with us. 

If we fight Change, it fights us right back and leaves us with a couple of bruises and a black eye. 

But if we stay calm and welcome it to do its job, it sets us free. 

It opens the doors to so many possibilities we never could have imagined

Where is Change trying to grow you? What doors is it knocking on in your life? 

Let’s listen to its music. Let’s invite it in with a smile. And let’s allow it to set us free. 

Do you hear it? It’s singing something beautiful for you. You need only listen, smile, and, as Hermione says, “Relax.”