Dana Lundblad: Fearlessly Made

Fear has got to be the best and the worst emotion that anyone can experience. 

The biggest battle with fear is learning how to harness them to work in your favor instead of letting them cripple your dreams. 

I would consider myself to be a perfectionist and I hold myself to the most impossible standards. So therefore the toughest fear I’ve had to face is the fear of not meeting my own standards. I learned a long time ago that I can’t control what other people think of me and I can’t please everyone, but I do have control over my own actions and expectations. When I make a mistake, the hardest criticism I receive is from myself and it’s triggered by insecurity. I’m sure we all face that nagging voice in our heads saying "you aren’t good enough." 

A season in my life where fear took over would have been my entire high school experience. I never truly felt like I belonged or that people wanted to have me around. I had friends of course, but when it came to extracurricular activities I decided it was safer to opt out instead of facing rejection from my peers. It was an overwhelming feeling of being small and insignificant.

College was a pivotal time in my life where a lot of growth in my faith, and self-confidence occurred thanks to encouragement from my mom and my mentor Naisa Wong.

It was as simple as hearing from someone that your best effort is enough and it relit a spark in me.

I was given the opportunity to stage manage a show in college and it reminded me that I’m a good leader with natural leadership abilities. I wanted to then continue to pursuing leadership positions which my university gracious gave me. Through those jobs I was given I realized my passion for directing and producing stories for Film.

Upon starting my career after graduation I began to hear that voice again telling me that I wasn’t good enough and I should stop trying. The voice was different though I felt that my career choice to pursue film was a long shot and I should be practical to make a steady living instead of being young and silly. Then I realized that I could actually use my fear to work in my favor. I decided that being afraid of my dreams was a waste of time! Instead, I needed to be more fearful of not achieving my dreams. The thought that I could I could fail myself by denying my goals actually fueled my passion and hunger, which caused me to work harder.

It’s like that saying: "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." I’ve decided that when life gives me fear, I'll  make a new goal.

Let the fear of not getting to that goal fuel something positive within you instead of feeding something negative. "If you reach for the moon you might not get the moon but you will certainly land among the stars." 


Dana Lundblad is originally from Phoenix, Arizona and recently graduated from Azusa Pacific University in May 2015 with a BA in Theater Arts. She has a background in Theatrical directing and stage managing and is currently a Production Assistant for ‘The Talk’ on CBS. Her long term career goal would be to direct and produce in the entertainment field either theater, film, or any other medium of entertainment. She is passionate about story telling and the humanity behind each story. She believes that stories are a universal language that unites human beings and creates a unique community.