Sometimes, you've gotta wake up and remind yourself that you're worth the world. 

Because if you wait for the world to tell you what you're worth, I guarantee it will whisper lies and try to ensnare you into thinking that you are worth nothing. 

Listen, friend. People are people. And sometimes, we suck. We are selfish and we are afraid. And those two things are enough to demolish a friendship, a society, a country. 

So give us grace

But don't forget to choose to be gracious to yourself as well. And that means remembering who you are, and where you're going, and what you're meant to be. 

So sometimes, the people you want in your life more than anything have got to go

Because you've built them a ladder of grace straight up to your heart and they won't climb it. You've paved roads and crafted signs trying to direct them to your inner circle, to where your trust and hope live. 

But they ignore the signs and don't bother to follow the road or climb the ladder. 

So, friend, you've got to love them by distancing yourself. 

Continue to love them however it's healthy for you to do so. 

Be kind. Be encouraging

But for the love of everything that's holy, STOP BUILDING LADDERS. 

Because you're worth everything

You're worth being celebrated

You're worth being picked up for the date. 

You're worth listening to. 

You're worth waiting for. 

You are freaking worth it. 

Remind your soul what it's worth. 

Because, sweet friend, the world won’t do it for you.

The world is waiting to give you exactly what you tell it you deserve. 

So, stand tall. Speak boldly. Act courageously. Climb that ladder you built for someone else. 

And remind the world that your soul is worth much more than the world can give you.