"Pretty" What?

Someone amazing called me pretty today.

My first thought was, “Awesome.” Isn’t that what every girl wants to hear? I stood a little taller and smiled a little wider.

But my second thought was, “I’m so much more than that.” Because I am. I am creative and quirky and colorful and determined and disciplined and joyful. And, yeah, I’m pretty too. When all of those other things are manifesting. 

And then I realized how often I tell other women that they are pretty. 

I settle for telling other women that they are “pretty,” instead of passionate and bold and fascinating and valuable and worthwhile.

Next to those other adjectives, “pretty” sounds pretty futile. 

I don’t need to enforce the idea that other girls are pretty. There are apps for that. I want to be the person that enforces the true identity of other people. I want to see them for who they are striving and dreaming to be. 

So, if I have called you “pretty” before I have called you adventurous or powerful or insightful, please forgive me. 

“Pretty” is not who you are. It’s a little pit stop on the way to fully understanding the magnificence of you. 

Next time you pass a mirror, don’t walk away after you’ve fixed your hair and picked your lunch out of your teeth. Give yourself permission to leave after you’ve searched your eyes for tenacity, and your smile for gratefulness and joy.  Begin to expect to see these things in yourself, so you can start expecting the ones you love to see them too. 

You are beautifully brave, exquisitely unique, and captivatingly courageous.