Rainbow Flamingo

Confession: I've wanted to get rid of this dress for about five years now. I kept thinking that it was just too weird. I'm all about being different, but, I wasn't sure if I could rock something this different.

A comment I often get is, "I could never pull that off!" I disagree. I think "pulling it off" is a choice. If you wear it, you've done it! I'm so glad I got up the courage to pull this out of the back of my closet and give it another chance! 

What's that one piece in your closet you bought when you were feeling brave, and haven't yet found "the right time" or "the right place" to wear it? This weekend, take it out and WEAR it! 

In the long run, I absolutely believe that fashion is silly. But, it can be an expression of creativity, and an exercise in boldness. That's what this dress is for me. What are you waiting for? Go for it! Work that outfit you've been too nervous to wear. You've got this :)