Rebekah Dani

This plot twist is for all you planners out there. The ones that like to, at the bare minimum, have the next step planned out.

They are willing to give up some control in their lives, but to give up all control is out of the question. And to have no idea what the next step of life is? We might as well just call it quits. 

After graduating from undergrad I had a pretty good sense of what the next couple years of my life would look like. I had just started working on my masters degree and was recently engaged. Life seemed to be going as planned. I would graduate with my masters degree in one year, one month later be married, spend a few years working in the area until my husband finished his masters degree and then consider relocating. To my knowledge it was a great plan, especially because we were Christians and were doing all the right things to keep God in the center of our lives.

It wasn't until 5 months after engagement that I had the biggest plot twist of my life. The perfect plan that I thought was set in stone was ripped from beneath my feet. The wedding was called off. 

It was like I was hit from behind with a semi-truck, it was so unexpected and I just felt so thrown off. I would of NEVER thought something like this would happen to me. How could it? We did all the right things, now not only was that different but every aspect of my life was put on trial and I questioned everything.

I never thought of having a plan B; I was 100% sure that plan A would work. It was the first time that I had no idea what to do, and for days/weeks I had to just go through the motions of life. I had decided to stop school and take a leave of absence and finish at a later time. I just didn't see how I could sit in class and not be a hot mess at moments notice.

It’s crazy how one set back can make you feel unqualified in multiple areas of your life. Fear tried to stop me from continuing to pursue the things of my heart. Through all of this I felt such a strong sense of optimism and strength to look at this drastic life change from a different lens.

As much as I could of just sat and wallowed in the sadness of my story, I felt challenged to use it as motivation to grow and learn. I wanted to do this for myself, and I just felt like I kept hearing, “do not give up, keep going, you can do this.” If it wasn't for those silent whisper’s from the Lord I do not know where I’d be now.

Right before the next term of my program started I decided to not call it quits and finish. It wasn't an easy decision because I did not know if it would be too much for me at the time but I decided to take a step of faith and try. I had so much support from friends and family and most importantly the Lord, which gave me so much peace

I have such a passion for travel and exploration and I had put extended traveling on hold for so many years due mainly to school and being in a relationship. And when I least expected it a new door had opened. I had been waiting for the opportunity to live in another country for years, it had been a desire in my heart since I could remember. And it was now a reality. I could finish the term, and complete my last class online while traveling. It was perfect, but I felt so scared of the unknown.

Taking off, leaving my friends and family, moving out of my house, it was like hundreds of changes coming at me at one time and I felt so overwhelmed and again was going to allow fear to dictate my life path.

After much prayer I decided to make another life changing decision and go abroad. 

I do not remember the last time I did not have a plan and just lived step by step in complete faith, waiting to hear the Father speak about what was next. And now I am on the journey of a life time. It is hard, yes. Is there still moments of uncertainty, yes. I am being so stretched outside of my comfort zone. But I am getting the chance to travel through Europe experiencing life in so many new ways. The time away has helped me focus on my writing, connect with people about future career opportunities and focus on myself. Is my journey over? No, honestly I think it is just beginning. I am not allowing this plot twist to stop me because there is so much more life to live. 

The main thing I have learned through this is to always be ready for change. Life always has a way of throwing curve balls at us and throughout it all with the help of my amazing Father in heaven I am realizing I can get through anything.

Despite what opposition may come my way I must never forget that I AM CAPABLE, I AM CALLED, AND I AM ENOUGH. Because of taking a risk and stepping into the unknown I have been able to experience a life that I never expected would happen this soon. 

Rebekah Dani is a traveler, artist, writer, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur . She is no doubt a city girl from Los Angeles, California. She has a passion to reach people through different creative forms. Encouraging and pushing people to find their "thing" that they were created to do and grace this earth with. She also has a heart to show people how cherished and loved they are through the message of Jesus Christ. Currently, she is finishing her Master in Business degree and plans to start a non-profit arts and design school, combining her passion for business and the arts. Meanwhile, she is doing some traveling filling her heart with culture and good food. 




Instagram: @rebekahdani