Sweater Weather

It's the second best day of the week!! (I'm a little biased toward MON-days! Speaking of, have you heard about the GIVEAWAY?!?! Check out the video in the post below for the easiest instructions EVER! :)  


Since it's nearing Halloween, my outfits this month are tending to be inspired by characters or people I admire! Today's look: Audrey Hepburn! I am such a fan of hers! 


This comfy sweater is from Express. Underneath is a tube from H&M for a little plot twist.  

One of the things Audrey was known for was her long neck, so I had to pop the choker in there, along with a Giving Key for opposition.  


And, finally, she wore those high-waisted capris (H&M), and flats.  

Challenge: let your outfit be inspired by a character today!! 

Happy Friday!