The Great Perhaps

I want to live in the Great Perhaps.

To imagine that every opportunity might lead to greatness, whether in rich adventure, deep friendship, or boundless advancement of my dreams. 

To try. To show up. To dare.

Because life is fabricated from "perhaps." We walk the tightrope of uncertainty, unsure of which way we will fall: up, or down. 

But I want to be the person who steps onto the tightrope anyway.

It defies everything we know. We live in a culture that celebrates stability, routine, and a 401K. None of those things are wrong, let alone bad. But are they the ultimate goal? And does achieving those things restrict us from venturing out into the Great Unknown, which is the only destination that holds what we truly dream of. 

To live in the Great Perhaps is to risk. To be bold. To try. To fail. To get up again. 

It is the opposite of the Dark Perhaps. 

You see, there are two ways we can look at life, and everything it hands us: everything is either a hindrance, or an opportunity

To live in the Dark Perhaps is to worry. To see failure before we even make an attempt. To play it safe. To choose fear. 

To be honest, the Dark Perhaps knows me more deeply than its counterpart. Fear is easy for me. It’s my default setting. I have earned professional rank in hiding. In hiding behind. In not showing up. In mitigating risk. In Wallflower-ing. 

But that’s not who I want to be. I want to live big, even if that means failing big. I want to imagine the best out of every new situation. I want to alter my default settings to operate in the Great Perhaps.

Not only does this affect us. Choosing to be brave and positive gives those around us permission to do so as well. When we move forward from fear to faith, it is a catalytic change in our friend groups, families, and communities. 

“Faith is a condition of the heart that affects the head.” 

That is the Great Perhaps. To live believing the best outcome is at your fingertips if only you will reach out. It is believing so confidently with your heart that your head is at ease. 

And you are free to move forward. To dream. To fail. To try. To live. 

Will you choose to live in the Great Perhaps with me?