Self Worth

Friend, I beg you to separate your worth from your failures and your accomplishments. No good can possibly come from pinning your self-worth on anything but who you are, who created you, and who you were created to be. 

You see, friend, letting your winnings and losings define you will create a false sense of self. And I guarantee that that false sense will be smaller than who you really are. 

If you carry your failures on your shoulders, they will become your burden to bear. They will tire you and slow you down. You will never be able to go as far as you were meant to carrying such a heavy load. You will not attempt the difficult, unbeaten path.  

If you carry your successes around your neck like a name tag, eventually, they will weigh you down. And you will tire of people recognizing the successes far more often than the person lugging them around. 

And I am sorry to say, but, nine times out of ten, your successes will become outdated. They will only evoke praise from a small circle of people. They will not last; they will not be your legacy. 

Your legacy will be who you are. So, friend, please, please do not diminish your legacy by attaching earthly things to it. You are so much more. You are your fascinating thoughts and your radiant smile and your helping hands and your compassionate heart and your grateful eyes. 

But you cannot focus on the things that create a powerful legacy if you are weighed down.

Your grateful eyes will be downcast. Your fascinating thoughts will be a broken record singing "failure." Your radiant smile will shrink until it disappears into a frown. Your compassionate heart will hurt too much to worry about the needs of others. And that would be a tragedy. 

Take a load off: either your successes around your neck, or your failures from your shoulders. Breathe deeply, unencumbered by the things that this world tells you should matter. Take a moment to bask in the miracle of this moment. Allow yourself to look outward. To love on those around you. To be the gift that you were created to be. And then, slowly, you can stand taller and taller in humility, in the beauty of who you truly are.