Accidental Gypsy

To be a “Gypsy” is all the rage right now. It’s about being a free spirit, discovering where life will lead, acquiring adaptability, and experiencing the gritty highs and lows of existence.

It’s everywhere- films, TV, even fashion, with that BoHo, whimsical-yet-casual adventure apparel.

It sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? “Going with the wind?” It’s all Mumford and Sons and Urban Outfitters and poetry—

until you have no idea what’s next. 

Sound familiar?

Although we strive to be young and alive and reckless and wild, we truly crave stability. We long for our dream job that will allow us creativity and freedom and travel and will somehow pay the bills.

When we arrive at this discovery, that jobs are not just for stick-in-the-mud folks, and yet cannot seem to locate said creative-yet-lucrative position, we become what I would like to dub the “Accidental Gypsies.” 

We are the people that no longer desire total freedom. We would much rather have freedom with a side of stability, thankyouverymuch.

But it hasn’t happened yet. We are applying every-which-where for any job that somewhat resembles some part of our education and interests. Anything with a salary! We even being applying outside of the country because that fits the bill!

"What are you doing?” and "Are you working?” are more torture than questions.

And suddenly, being a boundary-less gypsy is more punishment than privilege.

I'm in the dreaded post-grad season. My friends are landing big-kid jobs and I'm singing, acting, writing, and spinning plates for a living. (Ok, all but the last one. I'm not that coordinated.)

As much as I pretend to be a “Go-With-the-Flow” gal, I’m really type-A all the way. I love "the plan." I love calendars and organizers and to-do lists and color-coding. But my life doesn't fit into my "lists" right now.

Are you with me? Are you just trying to figure it out without hating this “in-between” time?

We can do this.

We can do more than paddle. We can learn to full-on butterfly-stroke this season.

Since we are being forced to become Accidental Gypsies, why not embrace it?

Why not welcome the gypsy spirit, beyond the flower headbands and a Free People-inspired wardrobe?

The first step is recognizing that there are ups and downs to this particular stage in life.

One of those "ups" is definitely the license for exploration! How many other times in life is this going to be a possibility? When else will I be able to chase any artistic endeavor that catches my attention without the fear of starving my kids or deserting my hubby while I perform on a year-long cruise ship? (This is just an example. I have no such plans in the works.)

To become a gypsy is to let go of control and to embrace the unknown. Not cautiously, not fearfully, but headfirst. We have to become okay with not knowing the end of our story.

This season isn’t going to last forever. I promise. Let’s learn from the Gypsies and make beauty out of the unknown. Take a deep breath. Give yourself grace. Be intentional about discovering the glory right where you are.