Lady in (Active) Waiting

Does waiting creep into your daily life, no matter how much you kick or scream?

As an artist, I spend a LOT of time waiting. Waiting to audition. Waiting for feedback on my draft. Waiting at the callback. Waiting to hear if my proposal was accepted. Waiting to hear if I booked a job. I can prepare for auditions and callbacks and I can write my heart out and proofread until my eyes fall out, but ultimately, I have no control over the outcome of many of my artistic endeavors. My only option, unfortunately, is to wait. And wait. And wait some more.

Perhaps waiting is your least favorite game, as it is mine. I'm not talking about resting— I mean the waiting that splits your body and mind in half. Your feet are anchoring you one place, but your mind is miles and miles away in another place.

It’s torturous, right?

That’s because in these awful moments of limbo we’re acutely aware of how short life can be. 

Secret: My greatest fear is to have lived long, but not to have truly lived well.

Waiting is an enemy to living well. It seems to waste time by greedily gobbling up moments better spent chasing life. But when we’re waiting, we have no choice, right?

Waiting tricks us into complacency.

In this sense, I am not a Lady in Waiting.

God prescribes seasons of waiting for all of us. Rude, isn’t it?

There are two ways to handle this twilight-zone-ish time. 

  1. Exile yourself to Limbo.
  2. Take Waiting to the Dance.

We’ve all experimented with #1 before. It’s our “screw you” to the world for intentionally derailing our grand plans. But at the end of day, who is punished? God? The universe?…Or you? (nod head here.)

Let’s Cha-Cha Slide with #2. Good. We’ve chosen the wiser option. Now, let’s be a good partner. Let’s not just show up to the event in our teetering stilettos and watch from the sidelines. (Although, kudos for that!)

Let’s get on the dance floor and be active with Waiting: Grow. Figure stuff out. Journal. Apologize. Take long walks. Become introspective. 

Waiting doesn’t have a lot of stamina. If you keep all of that up, Waiting’s going to tap out and tap you into a new season of moving forward.

In this sense, I am a Lady in Waiting.

If you’re in a season of waiting (like me), let’s find the activeness in it. What do we need to let go of? Where do we need to plunge in more deeply? What friendships can we pursue? Where can we push our limits and face our fears?

We need this time. We need it to take a breath and reorient ourselves to who we are and where we are. Don’t hate waiting. Dance with it.

You can be a Lady or Lord in Waiting, too. Think of “Lady” or “Lord” as the “victor,” or “master” of it! Don’t let Waiting win any more rounds. Get in there and show Waiting who’s boss.