Where's the Adventure Now?

photo-1422034681339-7b5dbb46db18I've kept my toiletries packed all summer, with my suitcase at the ready in the corner of my room. It seems as though I've done nothing but adventure this summer. It's been planes and hotels and asking for directions and pictures and journaling. I've loved every moment to the best of my abilities; tried to soak up each breeze and dancing light and history of every place my trusty Sperry's took me.

But tonight, I unpacked my suitcase. I won't be needing it for a while. And that makes me oh so sad.

The reverse of this travel blessing is to learn to see each day at home as an adventure, too. To see each new encounter, though it be at the grocery store instead of the Alps as thrilling and full of opportunity.

Isn't that what life is? Chasing opportunities until they come chase you for a bit? To challenge us to go deeper and find the unknown within the known.

Today was full of adventure. I raced the sunrise in Wyoming back to sunny California.

And tomorrow is full of adventure, too. With it will come the determining of my next four months.

To a freelance artist, that's a big leap. To think that one "yes" will extend into hours upon days upon weeks upon months of learning and meeting and growing.

I gratefully but heavily return my suitcase to its closet so that I may unpack what's before me. The beauty, the miracle, the wonder of what I get to call my "day to day."

God, open my eyes that I may truly see my "here," my "now."