New Year! No Fear.


Crossing into a new year always feels likes standing on two sides of a boundary line. 

As if you were straddling California and Arizona, Seattle and Canada, or Switzerland and Austria. Geographically, you’re in two places at once, but it doesn’t feel like it. Surreal, right? And when I wake up on January 1st, I always expect to feel new: full of new resolve, new ideas, new possibilities (Just like on my birthday.) And sadly, I find this rarely to be true.Even though I’m technically straddling two years, the old and new, on one hand, it feels like an ordinary day.

On the other hand, it’s terrifying to leave another chapter behind.

What if I’m not dealt the same miraculous deals I’ve been savoring in 2015? What if the tides turn tragic? Life isn’t fair, time is capricious, and we often can’t control what comes our way.

So how to do we move forward without iron fists clenching that which we hope to keep, or, alternatively bracing ourselves for more blows? How do we step forward with open hands and open hearts?

By discovering the perspective of two sides: heads and tails, California and Arizona, day and night.

January 1st is only a day away from December 31st. It’s another day with nothing fear.

With that simple fact in mind, we can more easily turn to the bright side of the “New Year, New You,” mentality.

Let’s choose, together, to embrace the fresh magic of a new promise, a new start, a new chapter, a blank page.

But as the gun signals the start of this marathon, know that you don’t have to leave everything behind. You’re not starting at square one, like the first day at a new school with nothing but your lunchbox, a schedule filled with classmates you have never met, and terror. Let's bring our new relationships, our past adventures, our freshly penned goals. And let the promised confetti-magic of a new year inspire you to drop the regrets weighing you down. Every serious runner knows that anything extra, like an unnecessary layer of clothing, slows us. Let the beautiful “1/1/16” be our excuse to cut back, cut down, and cut our losses.

Yes, it’s a new year with new possibilities. No, we're not starting from ground zero. When we straddle this boundary line of 2015 to 2016, let's take our glories with us. We'll take our lessons, our victories, our hopes. It’s our blank page, but we've already gathered incredible material to start spinning a colorful story.